Hungarian Translation Industry Cooperation Agreements

The objective of these documents prepared jointly by the Association of Hungarian Translators and Interpreters (AHTI) and the Association of Professional Translation Service Providers (Proford) is to set out the core principles of business cooperation between Translation Service Providers and their subcontractors

AHTI and Proford have recognised the need to create a professional and business agreement that is based on mutual consent; regulations which promote efficient, forward-thinking and professional cooperation between Translation Service Providers and representatives of the translation industry, and which also provide a point of reference with respect to the terms of cooperation; quality, technical and other resources, as well as the practical implementation of fee-related requirements.

agreement signatureTo date, no other agreement has been signed in Hungary based on the mutual agreement of both sides that would take the values and interests of the market’s demand and supply side into consideration. It is no coincidence, therefore, that the lack of consensus in basic professional matters has spurred tension between the parties on many occasions. These Agreements have been created jointly by Proford member Translation Service Providers and Translators and Revisers (Translators and Revisers having the qualifications required by law or the appropriate expertise), with their mutual consent, regarding each other as equal professional partners. Both sides accept the basic principles set out in these Agreements, the adherence to which the parties can mutually expect from one another in the future.

The Agreements are primarily aimed at representatives of the translation industry and players of the translation market, i.e. Translation Service Providers and Translator and Reviser professionals, Interpreters; at the same time, however, we also anticipate interest from educational institutions providing translation courses and from end users on the demand side.

Full text versions of the cooperation agreements can be downloaded below:

AHTI-Proford Cooperation Agreement – TRANSLATION

AHTI-Proford Cooperation Agreement – INTERPRETATION 

Cooperation Agreement between Szoft and Proford (May 9th, 2017)

Szoft-Proford Cooperation Agreement – TRANSLATION

Szoft-Proford Cooperation Agreement – INTERPRETATION 


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