The Hungarian Association of Professional Language Service Providers was established in December 2012 with the participation of 11 translation companies. Proford is the trade advocacy body of professional language service providers in Hungary. We translate, interpret, teach, learn, organise workshops, conferences and job fairs, and represent the interests of professional language service providers on both the Hungarian and international markets.


  • We are continuously developing the Hungarian quality requirements for language services.
  • We gear our work to European quality requirements and norms.
  • We represent the professional interests of language service providers in Hungary.
  • We promote compliance with ethical norms and fair market conduct.


Even after 15 years, I still find language services an exciting business, perhaps because I like the idea of connecting the open economy of a small country with the world. The translation industry, however, is very small both in Hungary and in global terms. However, it as almost a text-book example of a perfectly competitive market, with its low barriers of entry, vast numbers of suppliers and fierce competitions that spurs providers to constantly innovate and become even more efficient.

Proford’s members are language service providers that are local players competing on a global market. They are open to the world, do not shy away from new issues and challenges, and believe that in the long run only high quality makes for sustainable, mutually beneficial business relations.

Proford’s mission, in addition to traditional trade advocacy, is to open up future opportunities, prompt dialogue and provide learning opportunities for its members and other industry players. We can learn from our clients, from our translators and from one another. In other words, Proford pays attention, asks questions and tries to give relevant answers.

Proford is an exciting association because it is at once a medieval guild that respects and draws on its traditions and that does not allow amateurs in its ranks, and a 21st century innovative workshop where competitors can put their heads together and, if they see fit, join forces to achieve far more together than they would be capable of individually.

Miklos Ban

chairman, Proford

Ban Miklos resized

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